As we change, everything in existence changes.

Interviews with people sharing everything from downward dog to enlightenment. You don't have to do yoga to listen. But, you may afterwards.

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Episode 85: Jennifer Wolfe Prenatal Yoga
Episode 84 Clive Mayhew, Yoga Aid, Australia
Episode 83 Michael Taylor, Strala Yoga NYC
Episode 82 Claire Missingham, Vinyasa Flow UK
Episode 81 Eoin Yoga, Blissologist, Vancouver
Episode 80 Dana Smith-Rogers, Maryland
Episode 79 Laura Brown, Flagstaff Yoga Festival
Episode 78 Brian Ratte,, North Carolina
Episode 77 Jane Austin, San Francisco, California
Episode 76 Sadie Nardini, Brooklyn, New York
Episode 75 Mark Freeth, Birmingham, England
Episode 74 Deborah Adele, The Yamas & Niyamas
Episode 73 Maria Scrivan, Author, Dogi the Yogi
Episode 72 Elena Brower, Virayoga, NYC

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